Hitman: Agent 47 & The Unfair Assessment

Let me be straight. I haven’t seen this film and so this isn’t a review. There is a chance that I see the movie one day and end up liking it for what it is. Chances are that’s not going to happen.

This is a plea. It’s a letter for anyone who’s willing to read it.

Dear Great Big Movie Studios,

It’s great that you’re giving people chances to enter the film industry. Hiring new people to create cinematic content for the masses is a great idea. For years, movies have earned so much money that it has been able to create incredibly comfortable lifestyles for everyone involved.

What I’m about to beg of you, Great Big Movie Studios, is not to stop making over-the-top bombastic crowd pleasers, but instead, to continue making them – but with passion and lenient schedules.

From my understanding, as someone who is a part of the independent film scene, movies take time to create. The longer the time put in, the better the end product. This has almost always rung true. Jaws anyone?

In case you haven’t noticed, Great Big Movie Studios, Hitman: Agent 47 has abysmal scores on websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. It’s time to learn from your mistakes.

What went wrong? I’m not sure but I offer a prediction.

Hitman: Agent 47 might have been plagued by production errors up the wazoo. There might have been micro managing, producer overreach, writer interference, poor working conditions, pathetic wages, combative editors, and dare I say – a weak Director. It is the job of you, Great Big Movie Studios, to acknowledge these faults sooner than later in your productions, in order to form something worth while. I know the end result will be pretty and will reflect on screen.

Now critics enjoy your film, because it is of quality, and they will provide it with a reasonable score. That score will end up on an aggregate website with other critic scores. The final average will be more pleasant than the past two “8% films” that have released in the last thirty days. The other film was Fantastic Four. I heard that was great.

Just kidding. I read reviews.

What you must understand, Movie Studios, is that when so many critics raise the same red flags, then they are not the issue.

You are the issue.

No one is going to give your franchise another shot.



Courtesy of Foxmovies.com
Courtesy of Foxmovies.com

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Cuban_Legend @ Steambanners.com

Daniel Mihailescu