Stephen Amell [Green Arrow] VS Stardust at SummerSlam

Joey Finnegan usually takes care of the WWE content, but when something like this happens, I eat it right up and become the biggest WWE fan since my Attitude Era fandom.

Actor Stephen Amell, best known for his role as Oliver Queen in CW’S Arrow, hinted on his Facebook page that he’ll wrestle in attire that he’s well known for fighting crime in.

Arrow has to be one of the most divisive comic book adaptions on television. Fans tend to prefer the flashbacks or present portions alone. If you don’t fit into one of those camps, chances are you’re still raging on about how Arrow is CW’s stumbling attempt at having their own Batman show. Regardless, Stephen Amell is the Arrow now, so much so that he’s willing to wear green costumes outside of Starling City (Vancouver.)

Amell has had an ongoing feud with Stardust that began on social media.

We’re still unsure how far Amell is willing to take the fictional Arrow character in the ring.  In the video below, he picks up boots and begs “…that you recognize these from somewhere.”

We’re sure this is going to bring in numbers. Oh, and it’s going to earn money – boatloads of money.

If the video above failed to stream then click here.

Daniel Mihailescu