NXT 8/26/15 – Picks + Predictions

NXT 8/26/15
Picks + Predictions

NOTE: This episode of NXT will be filmed at The Barclay’s Center, along with NXT TakeOver. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it will be dark matches, then next week’s episode of NXT, and then TakeOver. Overall, it’s almost a four hour show for those who will be in attendance.

Eva Marie vs. Carmella

I do not think there will ever be a case where my pick will be Eva Marie. Well, maybe if the category was, worst diva, least favorite, least improved, in those cases she might be my pick. That being said, this is my pick for who will win this match. Carmella.

Apollo Crews vs. Tye Dillinger

This one is sort of a bummer for me to pick. While I “know” that Apollo Crews is going to win, I really wouldn’t mind it being Dillinger. I’ve liked this guy from when he was in the WWE’s ECW as Gavin Spears. It’s weird the things you remember, he didn’t do much in ECW but I remembered him nonetheless. I thought it was great when the WWE brought him back and on NXT, where he has more time to get things right, instead of bring him to the main roster where he can immediately job to everyone, even if he is jobbing on NXT.

Sorry, back to this match. Some information leading to this match. While I haven’t seen a single match of Apollo Crews before WWE, I understand that he sort of an internet, indy, darling. He’s a mix of powerhouse and highflyer.

This is the WWE however and you can only be one. This guy is jacked, so he’s a powerhouse, but he’s also short, so it may be confusing to the average viewer. While Dillinger has had a recent, as of two weeks ago, gimmick change, leading to a victory against Solomon Crowe. I feel like it may have been a waste that he’s going to, in his second match with this gimmick, lose to the new guy.

My pick and seemingly the obvious pick for anyone else, Apollo Crews. Even without any info on the guy, it is after all, his debut.

Bull Dempsey vs. Elias Samson

Not much to say about this one. Bull Dempsey, was a jobber, you can’t make me forget about that WWE or NXT. Then “The Last of a Dying Breed,” where he was repackaged and went on a dominant winning streak. That was until Baron Corbin was repackaged from being a jobber also, this mind does not forget, to being undefeated. This led to a feud between the two that I personally loved.

I thought they both got what they needed from their respective pushes, yeah Bull’s gimmick could have had something more substantial behind it, but it was what it was. This ended with Corbin winning not only the feud but beating Bull in every match, I thought Bull would at least get one but he didn’t.

At this point, Bull’s a loser again and everyone is getting on him about being fat, at least he isn’t sweating buckets before even getting to the ring, unlike Samoa Joe, digression. Now, with another gimmick change Bull “Fit” Dempsey, which until a week ago I didn’t realize sounded an awful lot like “bullshit.”

I honestly didn’t even put it together myself, someone else I know, pointed it out. Where I’ve gone over Bull’s entire NXT career, jobber, repackage, jobbing again, repackaged again. That’s way more than I can say for Elias Samson, he’s been a jobber forever, leading to my pick for this match. Bull Dempsey.

Fatal 4-Way Match: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Emma vs. Dana Brooke

I’m a little thrown off as to why this match is even happening. I understand that most of NXT is pre-taped, this is an example of that not being the case. You have on one side, Emma and Dana Brooke who are currently aligned with one another on NXT. On the other, you have Charlotte and Becky Lynch, who are on a team on the main roster. Why is this not another tag team match, with the obvious choice of winners being Charlotte and Lynch?

Maybe it’ll end up being for the NXT Women’s Championship Contender spot? Even so, being as this is airing after TakeOver: Brooklyn, shouldn’t Sasha Banks get her rematch for the title effectively being the new #1 Contender if she loses or Bayley be involved in this match as well if she ends up losing? Enough hypotheticals for now, this is just a normal Fatal 4-Way, any reasoning I have for picking a winner will be who I think is the best right now or rather who I could see getting a push or storyline or feud from this or something.

My pick is going to be Emma. I’m taking Charlotte and Lynch out of the equation, they’re on the main roster, in a storyline, good for them. I think Emma turns on Dana Brooke and will be a face again. I think this lends a lot more to NXT than having Charlotte or Lynch winning, and they both don’t end up looking bad because they aren’t getting pinned or submitting.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: The Hype Bros and Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable and Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson

I want to for start off by saying I absolutely can’t stand The Hype Bros, more specifically one half of The Hype Bros, more specifically, Mojo Rawley. I don’t care for the gimmick and I don’t care for him. I don’t care that he runs around and stays hyped and I don’t care for his Hyper Drive, Seated Senton finisher. On the other hand, I do like the other four members on this team for this match.

I can’t say I’ve turned on Zack Ryder as a lot of people have. Not to mention, I love Enzo and Big Cass! On the other side of this ring, I can’t say I can’t stand any of the participants, Dash Wilder doesn’t stand out to me but at this point, is he really supposed to? I liked the idea of having Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger as a team, but Gable has character, I’ll accept him as a replacement.

I also liked Scott Dawson years ago, when he was with Garrett Dylan and with Sylvester LeFort, in one of the many variations of The Legionnaires, and for the short, while he was with Alexander Rusev. Then he got injured, but even that wasn’t his problem. The constant changing of teammates is what has hurt this guy the most. Going into this match it seems like the odds are stacked in favor of the good guys, even if I don’t like Mojo. There are just too many losing qualities on the bad guys’ side.

My pick is the team of Zyck Ryder, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. Go home Mojo!

Robert Esposito