ORIGINAL SHORT FILM: “Suicide Is Painless”

short film

Because Suicide Is Painless…

Joey Finnegan

How do I explain this film? I was younger, at the time, coming in at all of about 20 years old. I was very fond of the movie version of “Mash,” which featured “Suicide is Painless” as a theme song. That tune always stuck with me. How could I ever forget that haunting diddy about the pros and cons of killing yourself?

Isn’t it weird as hell? You may remember it better from the Family Guy movie. Stewie sings it during the bar scene, when Brian takes him to The Drunken Clam to get hammered, and hopefully learn a lesson about the evils of drinking alcohol.

None of that really explains what you’re about to watch. I get that. I’m purposely trying to stall. Truth is – I was going through a rough patch. I took my thoughts, and I funneled them into a short, comedy screenplay.

Sure, it’s got a bit of a dark edge, but you know what they say…

“Comedy is tragedy plus time.”

All I did was skip the waiting period. As it turns out, it was pretty damn cathartic. One of the many things that helped put me back together.

So, without further ado: