I Was There For SummerSlam 2011

I Was There For SummerSlam 2011

I was live and in attendance for this PPV (as the post title indicates).

Let me give you a timeline.

Money In The Bank 2011 took place on July 17th of that year.

2 or 3 weeks prior to that (I can’t remember exactly) – CM Punk was given permission to go out on Monday Night Raw, sit down on the ramp, and cut this beautifully blistering promo.

I was lucky enough to turn on Raw right before he started. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I texted all of my friends who watch wrestling, and I made sure they turned on the show, if they weren’t watching already.

That was the moment that got me back into wrestling. I started watching Raw every week again, and even went out of my way to go to my buddy’s house and watch the MitB Pay-per-view. I was so psyched.

It was John Cena vs CM Punk. The story going in, was that Punk’s contract was going to expire at midnight, on the night of the PPV. The show went off the air at 11, and his match was the main event.

That meant that if he won, he’d walk away with the WWE Championship, and an hour later – he’d no longer be an employee of the WWE.

So boiling it down – if CM Punk beat John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011 – the WWE Champion would not work for the WWE.

That’s insanity. No wonder I was so into it. I remember watching the show. I hung on every moment. When CM Punk did manage to win, I was floored.

CM Punk blows Vince a goodbye kiss at MitB 2011 (Courtesy of WWE.com)
CM Punk blows Vince a goodbye kiss at MitB 2011 (Courtesy of WWE.com)

A couple weeks after that show – I was sitting around, and I got a call from a buddy of mine out in Los Angeles, California. He told me that some people were interested in a screenplay that I wrote, and shared with him a few years prior.

I was very excited. Even more so, when I discovered that I would be in LA at the perfect time for SummerSlam. I had to go. CM Punk was going to wrestle John Cena in a rematch to determine the Undisputed WWE Champion.

See, after Punk won at MitB, he did actually walk away – for about a month. He definitely should have stayed gone for long, but whatever.

In that month, Triple H had to make some hard decisions. He set up a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion, and Rey Mysterio won it. He was the WWE Champion again, for a bit (like an hour).

Then HHH made him face off with Cena, and of course, The Doctor of Thuganomics walked away with that WWE Championship.

When I got to Cali, I was psyched. I had never been before. Up until then, Florida was the furthest I had been from my home in New Jersey.

I had so much fun. I went to Universal Studios Hollywood, which is slightly disappointing. The layout is very cool, though. It’s built into the side of a mountain. If you want to go to a lower level, you have to take about twenty minutes of stairs, and escalators.

Then sunday, August 14th, rolled around, and it was time to go to SummerSlam. I went to Axxess first, and I saw The Miz do it a Q&A. That was when I became a fan of the guy. He commanded his audience.

I thought it was very impressive. So much so, that I bought a t-shirt of his, later in the night.


When it comes to the actual event, I had to do a lot of grinning and bearing. All I cared about was CM Punk vs John Cena. That’s what I was waiting on. I wanted to see The Doctor of Thuganomics take on The Straight Edge Superstar.

Some of the rest wasn’t too bad. Wade Barett and Daniel Bryan had a pretty solid match, which I could’ve swore Barrett lost. As it turns out, he was the winner.

I don’t know why I remember it the other way.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Other than that – there was Randy Orton vs Christian for Christian’s World Heavyweight Championship. I was psyched about that. I always thought that Orton was underrated, and I grew up loving Edge and Christian.

Despite how much I like him, I remember being pissed that Randy Orton won. I thought it was about time that Christian was given a shot with a real Championship.

The rest of the crowd did not echo my sentiments. They were psyched that Randy won. They all seemed to love the guy.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

All right. Now that the rest of the show is out of the way (sort of) – let’s talk about the Cena v. Punk match.

It’s not as good as the Money In The Bank Match, but that was a 5-star classic. This one was still great, though. It was a straight up wrestling match, contested between two of the best in the company.

I couldn’t believe that Punk won it cleanly. He deserved that.

I’ve just discovered that WWE has this match on YouTube, and it’s in full.

So – here, for your viewing pleasure – CM Punk vs John Cena at SummerSlam 2011 to determine the Undisputed WWE Champion.

I was pissed at the overall finish of this match.

After CM Punk won, Kevin Nash appeared and hit him with a Jackknife Power-bomb. This allowed for Alberto Del Rio to come out and cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. I was so angry, but again – the crowd was psyched.

They all left happy, because of this:

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)


Joseph Finnegan