Top 3 Free PC Games

If you’re a PC gamer looking for quality games with strong communities, then Nerdopotamus has three games that come highly recommended.

One game we’re big fans of is Heroes of The Storm.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re looking for a balanced MOBA from a company with a solid reputation then look no further. Blizzard Entertainment, after their long exhaustive history with MOBA’S, whether or not they fully deserve the recognition for contributing to the genre, has released this years defining MOBA.

The game is totally free-to-play and looks gorgeous on virtually any rig. When creating the game, Blizzard kept a few important things in mind. Blizz knew that free games attract a massive variety of players on a wide range of budget builds, so they threw together a great looking PC game that simultaneously runs buttery smooth, even for those that have poor internet connections.

If a player lacks the ability to play a lagless match with online rivals, fear not – you can play against Blizzard made bots. In true Blizzard fashion, the AI isn’t something you’ll combat easily. If you’re looking for a pretty game for your PC, a balanced arena fighter with a splash of professionally designed game mechanics, and mathematics made fun, then Heroes of The Storm is the free piece of software you’re looking for.

As of writing, the HOTS community stems from the original communities of yesteryear, where people still understand what “rush or cc” means. The community hasn’t been plagued by toxic members of competing brands, which is why it’s a good time to jump on.

The second game we’d love to share with you is Gotham City Impostors.

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

This unique take on the FPS tosses the player into a self aware Gotham cartoon world where Batman and Joker are nowhere to be found. Impostor Jokers and Batmen take to the streets for unconventional street warfare.

When you enter your first map, you’ll be reminded of Counter-Strike, but if it were heavily modified.

GTI allows a thousand levels of advancement and hundreds of ways to customize skills, gear, and weapons to destroy the Batmen – or Jokers!

It’s assumed you’re into less-than tactical shooters if this title has grabbed your attention. Like most MMOFPS software, it won’t fail you in terms of non-stop leveling and gratification upon acquiring headshots and new equipment.

If Team Fortress has become bland, and Call of Duty is too “gritty,” then take the time and try Monolith’s happy take on violent warfare.

The PC gaming world has hundreds of quality free games up for grabs. We can start endless discussions about the games we like that offer a AAA experience, but this post is limited to one more. We’ll select it carefully.

We ask that you give this last game a chance. The above mentioned freeware will siphon much of your time, and if you’re a perfectionist, you’ll likely end up giving up on anything else you would otherwise bend your time for while becoming an elite member of HOTS or GTI. This leads us to, quite seriously, The Plan.

Courtesy of Steam

The Plan is not a game to be ruined. Only one screenshot will be shared as we urge readers to stay away from reviews or gameplay videos. The Plan is an experience that if spoiled, will never be appreciated in full.

We’ll share one note with you:

  • The protagonist has the ability of flight.

If you don’t own a copy of Steam, head over to their official website and download the free client. From there, make sure you have a few hundred megabytes of space on a decent hard drive to download The Plan.

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Plan from there is to set it to full screen (alt + enter) and have your speakers set to a moderate volume. Dismiss family members or friends who may be looking to grab your attention. Ascend into what is the most interesting statement Krillbite Studio has shared with the digital world.

If and when you play The Plan, please don’t return whining that this was satire. We firmly believe it’s a splendid piece of art that treats your time with the utmost respect while actively alerting your mind to new ideas.


We don’t think so.

Daniel Mihailescu