ORIGINAL SHORT FILM: “The Red Chair Detective Agency”

short film

Say Hello To The Red Chair Detective Agency

This is the story of Jack Dreyfus, Thomas J. Verlawn, and Edward Stenwick, as told by a student filmmaker, who goes by the name Joey Finnegan. It’s broken up into three chapters.

Chapter One:¬†Thomas goes out on the company’s inaugural case to investigate a philandering boyfriend, who also happens to be a Professional Wrestler. Somebody may very well get hit with a steel chair!

Chapter Two:¬†Jack takes Red Chair’s next case, and runs afoul of a Pet Detective, who goes by the name Paul Harper.

Chapter Three: Eddie steps in this time, taking on the last case that has come the company’s way. Unfortunately for him, not only does he have to take the new guy with him – he has to deal with a psycho ex-boyfriend.

NOTE: This film was chopped up into five episodes, so that it could be put onto Youtube in a more watchable format. Feel free to watch at your leisure.

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