Entourage: The Movie – Good or Bad?

Have you ever seen a season of “Entourage?”

If you answered yes to that question, then you know exactly what you’re in for here. Personally, I’ve always dug the show. It was a ridiculous male driven fantasy, but it was one that I can get on board with. Who doesn’t dream of being a movie star and constantly crushing ass?

I know I do. As do most men. That’s why there’s an, “Entourage,” movie. Dudes loved watching Vinny Chase party, and bang chicks. Oh, and make movies – every once and a while.

I was actually more into those parts than the rest. That was the world I wanted in on. Having sex is always fun, mind you, but I can do that in New Jersey. What I can’t do is make blockbuster films on a whim.

If. Only.

I suppose I have to answer the question I posed in the title of this post. If we’re looking at it as a movie – then no, it’s not good. Not at all. There are plot threads that completely disappear. There’s a whole thing made over the girl that Vince is dating, and then poof! Like that, she’s gone.

Now – if we’re looking at it as an hour and forty minute long season of the show – then, yes, it’s good. It may be the best season yet. If only the actual show had been condensed to less than two hours a season. It probably would’ve helped considerably.

FINAL JUDGEMENT: If you liked, “Entourage,” then you’re going to like this. The movie picks up nine days after Vince got married to find that he is already divorced, and throwing a party on a yacht in Ibiza. As expected, there are loads of fine ass ladies.

Ari Gold is angry, E has women problems, Turtle isn’t fat anymore (mentioned ad nauseam), and Johnny Drama is still a joke. Nothing has changed.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Claudette Barius – © (c) 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Barry Ford