PewDiePie Wins! So what?

Earlier this week social networks and major news outlets revealed how much YouTuber PewDiePie earned through Google’s AdSense. The figure set people off, claiming that he’s nothing more than a man-child screaming in front of a computer screen. I’d like to point out that the computer screen he’s screaming in front of is top-of-line. I digress.


For those not in the know, PewDiePie is a YouTube sensation that ranks in the top spot for making the highest profit on YouTube per year. I’m sure that information could be argued when taking into account other visual content creators who earn compensation via other means on the platform. For what it’s worth, the seven million dollars he earned in 2014 secures his top spot, once again. Here’s why you shouldn’t be negative about the whole thing.


PDP works hard. Sure, his work might not necessarily be your cup of tea, but then again you must realize that his work isn’t catered for you.


I’m a filmmaker. I love film, naturally. I try to see as many films as I can every week. There are some directors movies that I intentionally avoid these days. It hurts to admit that, but it simultaneously feels refreshing. Just because I don’t sit myself in front of work I predict I won’t enjoy doesn’t mean I will suddenly spew hate on that creator. That would be rude, ridiculous, and naive of me.


That director that I may not enjoy doesn’t deserve my hate, because he or she didn’t make that movie for me. Chances are, they made that content for themselves and people like themselves, which is perfectly OK. It’s Capitalism working at its best. If I were to write entries about how I despise so-and-so, I’m wasting my time, yours, and theirs. No one is gaining from it, unless the person I’m writing about actually is causing legitimate harm to themselves, others, or having a significant negative impact on their industry and surrounding industries.


I like PDP. I admit it. I don’t go out of my way to watch PDP’s videos though. Now you’re asking yourself, “DanJam,” how could you like someone if you don’t go out of your way to enjoy their content? Well, his content, generally speaking, isn’t for me. He is proof however, that the system works globally, and it works well. I like that assurance and that his adventures landed him opulent good fortune.


Mr. Pie works all day, every day. As someone who is a part of the entertainment industry, I admire his work and business ethic. Check out his page. He’s uploading without hitch. That takes man hours. That takes tons of time to write, film, edit, refilm, edit, adr, mix – you get the idea. I understand that “The Pie’s” got a team, but even with a team, it takes hours to create content. He’s pretty much a producer to top it all off. I won’t get into what a producer does, but let’s say it’s long, exhausting, and leads to sleep deprivation.


PewDiePie earned what he earned because he made it his job. Constantly, the man is creating content that he himself enjoys, and that others enjoy alongside with him. No matter who his audience is, he has an audience, and he put in five years of his life to acquire them. I believe that people that scream hate at the top of their lungs are the ones who feel they can’t be him. What they have to learn is that they can’t be him, but they can be like him.


You and I can build a brand to share our thoughts and experiences with intentions of monetary gain, and there’s nothing wrong with that in the atmosphere known as Capitalism.


My recommendation is that we don’t moan about the success of others, but work as hard as they do to achieve what we want.


Here are words of wisdom straight from the horses mouth.



Daniel Mihailescu