Terminator Genisys Is Hot Garbage

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for someone other than James Cameron to make a good Terminator movie. What the hell guys? It’s a great franchise. Josh Friedman made, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” which was apparently dope as hell.

Does it need to be a TV show to work? Is that what it is? Or could it maybe use a competent director and a halfway decent script? I don’t know. I’m not David O. Selznick, or something. I’m just a guy who wants to walk away from a Terminator flick, feeling something other than disappointment.

My biggest problem with this new one is how little the filmmakers seemed to care about logic and rules. Things constantly change to fit the plot’s convenience. It’s annoying. It’s as if the writers thought of something cool in the room, and were just like, “screw it, we’ll have Arnie throw out a couple lines to explain everything.” BOOOOOO!!!!!

To be fair, there were cool moments sprinkled throughout this. Maybe I’m alone here, but I thought some of the special effects were dope. On the acting front, Emilia Clarke is okay. Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke, too. Arnold’s – well – Arnold. He does what he does.

The actors aren’t the problem with this movie. It is literally everything else. I don’t even like James Cameron that much, and I’m still disappointed in him for endorsing this lazy pile of doggie doodoo.

OH! And what the hell is the deal with personifying Skynet? Again – BOOOO!!! I hated that so much.

Spoiler alert, I guess. I don’t know. I would actually prefer that you not watch this movie. If you really want to, it’s not the worst thing in the world. But why? Why watch it? Especially when you can put on T-2, instead. If you’re going to watch a Terminator film, it might as well be the best one ever made.

Mr. X