Wrestling History – Sting vs Triple H

WrestleMania 31
Sting vs Triple H

The Thirty-First Showcase of the Immortals took place on March 29th, 2015, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. It boasted an attendance of 76,976, and was sponsored by Mountain Dew Kickstart.

The event was highly praised by both fans and critics alike. It’s even been called the best WrestleMania of all time. One of the first matches of the night was a long awaited bout: Triple H vs Sting.

Putting aside the WCW vs WWE narrative, they are two of the best in history. Both men are chock-full of everything you need to be a great Professional Wrestler.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

The match started off big. Sting’s entrance had him come out to a bunch of kabuki drummers. Not sure what that has to do with him. Same goes for Triple H’s Terminator deal. Was anyone else confused by that? He kills Terminators? So he’s a good guy? Then why are those Terminators helping him out?

Skynet wouldn’t fall for the Cerebral Assassin’s bullcrap, that’s all I’m saying.

The in-ring action was solid, but it hit another gear when Sting locked Triple H in the Scorpion Death Lock (featured image, courtesy of WWE.com). That’s when D-Generation X’s music hit, and out they ran (minus HBK).

Break it down! (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Break it down! (Courtesy of WWE.com)

They got involved right off the bat. Not long after, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Scott Hall hit the ramp and headed towards the ring. Sting had backup of his own. It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER OF WRESTLING, BROTHER!!

Did somebody put me in a time machine?

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

At this point, the whole thing turned to chaos.

The King of Kings had his sledgehammer.

The Vigilante had his bat.

Both had armies at their side.

That’s when Shawn Michaels appeared from the crowd, and stole himself another WrestleMania moment.

Sweet Chin Music! (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Sweet Chin Music! (Courtesy of WWE.com)

The war began to near its end. Both men were bruised and battered.

Who was going to be able to pick up the win?

Sting backed Triple H into a corner, and set up for the Stinger Splash. Under HHH’s corner, there sat the remains of his sledgehammer. With his choice clear, he grabbed what was left of his favorite weapon, and nailed The Enigma in the dome.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Moments after that, there was a standoff that every wrestling fan in the 90’s would’ve creamed themselves over.

The NWO stood across the ring from D-Generation X.

It may have been practically twenty years too late, but it was still pretty damn awesome.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

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