Revenge Of The Movie Watchers – Halloween II

short film

Revenge Of The Movie Watchers
Halloween II

Here’s how it went down: I (Joey Finnegan) was hanging out with Robert Esposito, one of our contributors (and one of the stars of this film). He liked Rob Zombie’s first Halloween movie, and he wanted to watch the second.

I was indifferent towards the first. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. So I figured why not? About twenty minutes later, I wanted nothing more than to turn the movie off – but Robert wasn’t having it. He wanted to finish it. I was not happy, but I begrudgingly agreed.

Another twenty minutes later, and he wanted to turn it off. Now I wasn’t having it. If you make me go through that much of a movie, then we’re going to finish it. When that finally happened, I was angry.

This movie infuriated me to the point that I went out and bought as many copies as possible. Then I filmed this short. It was a lot of fun, and it was incredibly cathartic.

When I originally released this, a few people commented on the obvious Office Space reference, as if I was trying to hide it. I’m clearly being very open about it. All I needed was an excuse to get my revenge.

Even if it was something as small and petty as destroying some DVDs.