Wrestling History – Taz vs Mike Awesome

Wrestling History
Taz vs Mike Awesome

Before I can get into this, I have to tell you guys a story.

This is the story of a girl named Alundra Blayze. Back in 1995, she was the WWF Women’s Champion. Then, wouldn’t you know it, Eric Bischoff came calling. He offered her a big, fat contract to come over to the WWF’s competition: World Championship Wrestling.

In a real “shots fired” moment, Bischoff had her dump her WWF title belt in the trash. This was clearly a blatant show of disrespect.

It pretty much ruined her career. They didn’t have anything for her, other than that BS. That’s the only reason Bischoff wanted her.

The same could be said for Mike Awesome.

In 2000, Awesome was the ECW Heavyweight Champion. That’s when WCW came calling. They wanted him to make a surprise appearance on Monday Night Nitro, and do something with the title.

Unfortunately for them, Paul Heyman is very well-versed in the law (his dad was a lawyer), and he didn’t want his Championship anywhere near WCW. If they had pulled anything close to the Medusa stunt, then Paul E. Dangerously would’ve brought a legal hammer down on them, the likes of which they have never seen. Eventually, a compromise was reached by all parties.

This was what we got:

With that out of the way, all ECW had left to do was to actually take their highest prize off of Mike Awesome.

Taz, “The Human Suplex Machine,” was chosen for the job. What’s interesting about that is Taz was signed to the WWE when this happened. That means you’re about to watch WWE vs WCW, years before Sting and Triple H at WrestleMania 31, and it all went down inside an ECW ring.

How crazy is that?

NOTE: The atmosphere around this match was so intense that Mike Awesome was escorted to the event by WCW’s head of security.

Anyway, Taz ended up losing the title a week later to Tommy Dreamer (a full-time ECW wrestler), who then turned around, and lost it himself, about 20 minutes later to Justin Credible.

As long as it was back where it belonged – and not on Monday Night Nitro (or in a trashcan).


Barry Ford