WrestleMania 14 – Undertaker vs. Kane

WrestleMania 14
Undertaker vs Kane

WrestleMania 14 took place on March 29th, 1998, at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts. It boasted an attendance of 19,028, and was sponsored by the deliciousness that is M&M’s. The main event of the night was Shawn Michaels versus Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. Right below it on the card, there was a matchup between brothers….of destruction.

See what I did there? You know – because Taker and Kane called themselves “The Brothers of Destruction,” when they were a tag team.

I’m sure you get it.

So bad ass (Courtesy of WWE.com)
So bad ass (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Anyway – The Undertaker is a bad ass. There’s no getting around that. He is legitimately great at what he does. He brings a presence that should have gone unmatched forever.

Instead, Kane was introduced. By all rights, that character should have failed – but somehow Glenn Jacobs made it work. He took one of the most inimitable styles in all of professional wrestling, added some of his own, and pulled it all together into one, gigantic, and scary package.

Hell, he’s still on WWE programming to this day. That is a feat that shouldn’t be ignored, especially considering the fact that Kane was introduced in 1997. That’s almost 20 years of The Big Red Monster.

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