Classic Wrestling – Flair & Double A vs Rhodes & Garvin

Classic Wrestling
Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes and Ron Garvin

We here at Nerdopotamus are focused on quality, above everything else.

We want you all to feel like you can come here, and find something awesome to pass your time with. That’s why we are bringing you this classic match, from NWA Worldwide Wrestling, in March of 1986.

On one side, there was The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and his fellow Four Horseman, Arn Anderson.

Across from him, stood the Horsemen’s greatest rival, Dusty Rhodes, and the legend, Ron Garvin.

The crowd is absolutely electric throughout the entire match. In six minutes or so, every competitor did his part, got huge reactions, and told a great story. That’s when wrestling is at it’s best: when there’s a story being told.

Every man inside that ring knew how to use their body to do exactly that.

There’s a reason they’re all┬álegends.

Do yourself a favor and watch them work.

In the words of one of our regulars, Carlos Rivero –

“Get lost in an era where a 6 minute match felt like a WrestleMania worthy main event and not the dark match before a taping of SmackDown.”

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