Watching The First NXT Takeover

For this article, Joey Finnegan is going to watch the very first, “NXT Takeover,” and record all of his thoughts. There are definitely going to be some well-wishes sent the way of Tyson Kidd.

His injury was such a shame.



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1st UPDATE: Adam Rose vs Camacho? Jabroni vs jabroni? Yay (SARCASM ALERT)

2nd UPDATE: Sure can’t wait for this match to end.

3rd UPDATE: Rose gets the win. It’s over. Thank God.


THE ASCENSION (c) (KONNOR and VIKTOR) vs EL LOCAL and KALISTO for the NXT Tag Team Championships

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4th UPDATE: Not huge on either of these teams, but Konnor and Viktor were much better off in NXT. Kalisto is also much better off as Sin Cara’s partner. Those two have great chemistry.

5th UPDATE: I walked out during the match to make a sandwich. When I came back in, I saw this. Good for those two. They really were the gold standard of tag teams back when they were in NXT.

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6th UPDATE: Here we go. From this point on, every match is awesome.

7th UPDATE: I love Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze is incredibly underrated. This bout is a true gem.

8th UPDATE: I was just reminded that Breeze is going to be facing off with Jushin “Thunder” Liger at, “NXT Takeover – Brooklyn,” towards the end of August. I will be there, rocking a Nerdopotamus t-shirt. I can’t wait.

9th UPDATE: The blue thunder bomb is really cool. I can’t wait for Sami Zayn to come back from injury. Get well soon, dude.

10th UPDATE: Breeze hits a pop up power bomb on Sami from out of the corner. Awesome.

11th UPDATE: I don’t often agree with Byron Saxton, but this has been highly physical so far.

12th UPDATE: The Exploder Suplex is also an awesome maneuver. Sami Zayn has a dynamite move set.

13th UPDATE: Breeze hits the beauty shot for the win. What a great match.

14th UPDATE: I forgot about Rusev. He’s about to destroy Mojo Rawley. Good. That dude is the worst.


CHARLOTTE vs NATALYA for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship

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15th UPDATE: This may still be the best women’s match that I have ever seen. I’m going to sit back and enjoy.

16th UPDATE: It’s always good to have Ric Flair around. Bret Hart, too. So much history involved in this. Also, how cool must this have been for Nattie and Tyson? They have to be the first husband and wife team to main event a WWE show like this. Who could have possibly done it before them?

17th UPDATE: Talk about highly physical – these two are beating the hell out of each other.


19th UPDATE: I love when Charlotte drags the Figure Four out of the ring (check the image above). It’s such a great moment.

20th UPDATE: Charlotte picks up the win, and the vacant NXT Women’s Championship. From this point on, she helped lead the NXT Women’s Division to a moment that people wished for, but never thought they’d get.


TYSON KIDD vs ADRIAN NEVILLE (c) for the NXT Championship

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21st UPDATE: Finally. No offense to anyone involved in any of the other matches, but this one is why I chose, “NXT Takeover.” Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd put on a clinic back on May 29th, 2014.

22nd UPDATE: I know everybody raves about Adrian Neville (myself included), but Tyson was right there with him, step for step. I vividly remember the first time that I watched this match, and the Fatal 4-Way from the next Takeover. They completely opened my eyes on Tyson Kidd. He is a main event player, through and through. I can’t wait for him to come back from his injury.

23rd Update: Get well soon, Tyson (told you). Too many injuries in wrestling lately. It’s a crying shame. Especially when it’s guys as talented as Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd.

24th UPDATE: Tyson spent 9 years in the Hart Dungeon? No wonder he’s so good.

25th UPDATE: These guys are so fluid. The arm drags have been beautiful.

26th UPDATE: The tree of woe? That’s never fun.

27th UPDATE: That top rope power bomb spot was crazy. Neville landed it on his feet. That guy rules!

28th UPDATE: Neville hits the Red Arrow and wins it, effectively retaining the NXT Championship. That move will always be cool. It’s so damn majestic.

The Red Arrow!
The Red Arrow! (Courtesy of

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