E3 2015 Part 1 – World Championship and Bethesda

Shia LaBeouf knew something we didn’t when he told us to make our dreams come true recently.

E3 2015 is one for the books.

By this point, if you haven’t kept up with dailies or haven’t seen the trailers, or just need a refresher, I’m here to help with a soft recap.¬†Starting Sunday, Nintendo held their Nintendo World championships. Professional gamers from all over attended for prizes.

It was also a quiet competition held to promote the new Super Mario Maker game for the Nintendo Wii U, which allows gamers to create and share impossibly difficult levels with one another.

Other games at the tournament included Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, Blast Ball, Super Metroid, Mario Kart 8, Balloon Fight, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.  Miyamoto made a guest appearance at the end to crown the speed runners of Super Mario Maker.

He also gave them signed 3DS consoles.

Bethesda had their first ever E3 conference. Their conference layout broke away from typical format.

Bethesda would show a game, play a little, pepper in a bit of talking, and show off even more game play. People often say you forget the beginning of a movie, but in regards to the very first conference of E3, Bethesda managed to keep us from forgetting their pilot.

Bethesda presented¬† a number of worthwhile mentions like Doom, a first person shooter that may have at one time lost its way. The game showed off how it wasn’t afraid to use color in a world skewered by demons and magma. Soon after, we received a glimpse of Dishonored 2. Now a female protagonist is available, and the powers endowed are nothing less than overkill.


Bethesda also shared a new title, Battlecry, a PC game with frenetic thirty-two player matches. Cartoony in style, yet heinously bloody. It looked like a cross between Team Fortress and Devils Third.

Courtesy of Bethesda

Of course there was Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated titles of the convention. It set the tone for the rest of the conference, allowing viewers to realize their dreams could be fulfilled.

What do we know so far?

Fallout 4 starts before nuclear holocaust. Your gender selection includes male and female, contrary to rumors. The creation screen takes place in front of a mirror in a bathroom. Switching between characters in the creation mode allows for the husband and wife models to engage in humorous banter.

Bethesda didn’t show too much of the game pre-obliteration. What we do know is that two hundred years pass from the time you enter the vault. It’s obvious the game takes place in Boston, allies don’t perish, the game is fully voice acted and V.A.T.S., Fallout’s premiere combat feature allowing the player to attack with pinpoint accuracy, is faster than ever.

Player created modifications will be supported for the PC version and the X-Box One version of the game. The surprise alliance bridges the gap between PC enthusiasts and the console crowd. Todd Howard explained that mods created on PC will immediately be available on X-Box One hardware, a feature seemingly exclusive to those platforms.

Todd Howard offered a taste of the “gimmicky” Pip Boy edition, which supplies the consumer with a real-life replica Pip-Boy. Using a another device in conjunction with the replica, like a cell phone, will allow for a second screen experience.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

City building is a new feature, which is nothing less than what it sounds like, offering more to an already unreleased game. It was confirmed that there are at least fifty weapons to choose from with over seven hundred mods.

Bethesda knocked it out of the park giving gamers exactly what they wanted and more. Few retailers ran out of pre-order stock and had to resupply quickly. It’s been eight years since Fallout 3, and fans are ready for the next entry.

Daniel Mihailescu