WrestleMania XII – HBK vs Bret Hart

WrestleMania XII
HBK vs Bret Hart

The match: Shawn Michaels versus Bret Hart, in a 60 Minute Iron-Man.

The prize: the WWF Championship.

This match is one of my earliest memories of wrestling. The in-ring stuff was great, of course, but it was HBK’s entrance. That grabbed me hook, line, and sinker when I was a kid.

I remember rewinding the VHS over and over again, because I thought it was so cool.

One time, I did it so many times, that I drew the ire of my mom’s sleeping fiance.

He stormed in, stomping his foot on each and every step.

“Are you gonna watch the fucking thing,” he screamed, “or are you just gonna keep rewinding it?”

Obviously, I let it play, and I watched the match.

But what a dick, right?

Back off, dude! I want to watch HBK zip-line down from the rafters of the Arrowhead Pond, over and over – what of it?

Luckily, the match was awesome. Even though it’s an hour long, and every shred of logic says that there should have been boring parts, at the very least.

That’s how good Shawn and Bret were in 1996. They made an hour look like a breeze. Hell, they went longer than an hour.

It’s pure gold, people.

The finish is one of my favorites ever, as well.

Bret locks Shawn in the Sharpshooter, and they reach the 60 Minute time-limit, with Shawn struggling the whole time. He never tapped out, though. Which is very important to note, because both men had yet to score a fall.

Are there ties in wrestling?

Bret thought so, and assumed that he would be retaining his Championship.

Gorilla Monsoon had other ideas.

He forced them to go to a Sudden Death overtime, where HBK managed to pick up a fall, and win the WWF Championship.

What are some of your earliest memories of Professional Wrestling?

We want to know all about them, so hit the comments section, and tell us your life story.

We’ll be here.

Joseph Finnegan