Ryu Vs Roy in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Super Smash Brothers, a franchise that pits mostly Nintendo characters against one another, will finally witness Ryu spring into action. For more than a decade, fans pleaded that characters from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball Z would spend time with beloved Nintendo characters.  Fans finally got their chance to cast their votes over the last few months on a website hosted by Nintendo.

Their wishes are granted.



Courtesy of Wikipedia

Ryu is a staple of the Street Fighter franchise, and it seems, according the following video leak, that he will indeed be giving Mario and friends a fair run for their money. The unlisted video below plays a clip of what Ryu might look like when it hits eShop.


Although only still rumored as there haven’t been any official confirmations, forums and websites sharing the leak claim that hackers are responsible for spoiling what Nintendo was probably going to show around E3.

If that’s not enough to rustle your cuffs, check out Roy’s clip below.

Be aware that Lucas will be available 6/14/2015, which is the first day of E3. That should hold everyone over for the time being.

Courtesy of Smashbros.com

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Daniel Mihailescu