Banger Central – John Cena vs CM Punk

Banger Central
John Cena vs CM Punk

The highly-acclaimed Urban Dictionary lists many definitions for the word Banger.

  1. An intense party, which involves large amounts of drinking, beer pong, and plenty of skanks to grind on.
  2. A badass party, or big celebration.
  3. [bangers] A particularly spectacular pair of breasts.
  4. A gangster thug.
  5. A woman with an attractive body.

Are any of these relevant?

No, no they are not. A few are funny, though.

NOTE: If you really want to watch this match, I suggest that you do it on the WWE Network. The difference in quality is staggering. You’ll really be selling it short, if you don’t.

Anyway, let me get to the point.

Here’s a much more relevant definition:

“If a song/movie/TV show/comic book/video game else is extremely dope or just incredibly awesome – it is a banger.”

Obviously, that extends to wrestling matches, as well.

This is where I really drive the concept home. This series will span across all of Nerdopotamus, and it will not be limited to myself as a writer. All of the regular contributors will free to write an entry, at any time.

As long as it’s a banger that they want to write about it.

The goal here is to crack an egg of knowledge all over the Internet.

We want to spread quality.

We also want to talk to you guys about it.

For starters, if any of you wanted Cena to win this match, you should tell me, so I can call you an idiot. Then you can say something back, and we can have an Internet argument.

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Or we can have a normal, passionate conversation about a dope-ass match.

I’m down to clown, either way.

Walter Winchester