Support Charity and Your Reward is…

Visit this week and pay what you want for top of the line games. These games are available in Steam key format and are DRM free. You can gift CD-Keys if the desire exists. If that’s not enough to get you to contribute, how about the accompanying soundtracks in mp3 and flac?

The games available from Humble Bundle as of today are World of Goo, Super Meat Boy, and Dust Force DX. Dust Force DX is available to play in browser. For $1.00, you gain access to those three titles. As of writing, if you reach the $4.91 threshold, Humble Bundle tosses in Dungeon Defenders Collection, critically acclaimed LIMBO, and the all-hailed brain tugging Braid. Forfeit another dollar and receive Risk of Rain and Antichamber, two games worshiped by those who have played them. As the bundle progresses each day, Humble Bundle will add more content at no extra cost to you, as long as you’ve paid your way to the top to begin with.Untitled

This time your proceeds will of course go to Humble Bundle, the rightful developers of the games, Watsi, and Child Play’s Charity. You ultimately decide who gets what portion of the proceeds.

Please check out for more information!

Tell us which games you want!

Daniel Mihailescu